Working with a full service agency will never be the same for you! Why we are so sure? It is because of our special and proven approach.
Our collaboration approach is characterized by 3 aspects:
  • agile: Using the Scrum approach, we meet your project specifications in individual sprints
  • hybrid: Our core team is based in London, but our experts are located all over the world
  • virtual: We collaborate with clients around the world via virtual communication channels
Use this "New Work" approach for your project success
Local Teams

Are you still paying rent for all your developers and project staff?

In this way, projects were implemented for decades. The advantage here is certainly the spatial proximity.

At the same time, this type of project work is far too inflexible for today's situation. It's also hard to get capable experts to move to your city.

Our Way

We combine the best of both worlds!

The secret to our hybrid approach is that we have both local teams in London and experienced experts around the world.

The local team works closely together and manages the processes. The freelancers are experts in their respective fields and are audited by us.

Did your freelancer also delay a project because he didn't deliver the promised quality?

The advantage of freelancers is their flexibility. It doesn't matter where they are, you can simply hire them for certain projects.

At the same time, good freelancers are in such demand that they often have no capacity when you need them. And they have to learn your processes first.
These are your benefits
Incredibly fast

Your projects start faster and are implemented faster. This is made possible by our lean processes in combination with our agile collaboration approach.

Extremely transparent

We develop FOR YOU! That's why you are always involved in planning, design and implementation and we incorporate your feedback directly.

Global expertise

The combination of globally operating expert teams and local consultants allows you to permanently circumvent the currently prevailing shortage of skilled workers.
Use our virtual team to your advantage
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