A whole universe of possibilities to ensure the success of your digital projects.
Collaboration in the modern world
We are driven by the knowledge that advancing interconnectedness and increasingly powerful tools give us the capabilities to deliver quite extraordinary team performances - even when the team is spread across the globe.

This fascinates us and so, based on our passion for modern technologies, we founded Galaxy Dynamics Limited.

Our distinct goal is to connect skilled experts with entrepreneurs around the world and create greatness through thoughtful processes.

Welcome to the future of collaboration.
From London to the whole world
You may find us all over the world, but the heart of our agency beats in London. This is where our families live and where our children grow up. And who are we doing it for if not them?

Together, we want to build a strong economic world that makes our planet a better place with the values of freedom, equality and sustainability.

We can think of no better place for our headquarters than the vibrant city on the Thames.
Galaxy Dynamics Limited
81 Judes Road, Suite A Bank House / Egham TW20 0DF / UK
+44 333 015 6125